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WOLLEREI NEWS : NEW at Wollerei: The KnitPro GINGER needles

NEW at Wollerei: The KnitPro GINGER needles

We have tested the needles in several variants and strengths. The advantage of the new Ginger needles and ropes is clear:

The surface finish is smooth, does not slip and improves the knitting pattern and small irregularities.

The needles are warm in the hand, the tips are homogeneous and very slightly rounded, which prevents piercing and splitting of the thread.

The connection to the rope is perfect, Knit Pro provides a very smoothly constructed metal transition that is precisely crafted. The rope can no longer twist.

The needles (rounds) do not bend even in thin versions and retain their shape.

The special highlight: the FSC certified wood for these needles Knit Pro obtains from European forests, so the new Ginger knitting needles have the potential to become our favorite needles.

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