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ChiaoGoo SPIN BAMBOO Needle Tips SHORT 10 cm

The SPIN BAMBOO PATINA short interchangeable needle tips can be combined with the patented and high-quality TWISR RED cables.
Of course, the new co-rotating SWIV360 cables can also be used.
The tips are 10 cm long.

For the interchangeable needle tips SPIN BAMBOO PATINA the Chinese Moso bamboo is used, which is considered the world's largest and strongest bamboo.
It reaches its optimal growth height of up to 30 meters only in China. Its special properties are one of the secrets of ChiaoGoo bamboo needles.
The bamboo gets its patina through a special refinement process. The needles run to a very sharp point and are therefore ideally suited for intricate patterns. The needle size is permanently engraved.