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Ehmert Design - Felt jewelry

Felted jewelry

Do you know women who never wear jewelry?

We do not - most of us have a great, varied collection of different jewelry - whether as a souvenir from another country, to commemorate an important event, as a gift or accessory that is pretty, fits well with the type and pleases. Necklaces with felt beads and jewelry made of felt are extraordinary and precious.

Ehmert Design felt jewelry is only available in limited edition. Therefore, we give the exclusive unique pieces not only to ourselves but also gladly to our best friends and on occasions such as birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas or Valentine's Day. Necklaces made of hand-felted beads are like gold or silver genuine, natural jewelry.
It takes a high level of skill to make them. Hand-felted embroidered felt bead necklaces defy the seasonality and mass of typical costume jewelry and the pressures of the fashion industry because they are original, distinctive, and unique.

The design and construction of our felt necklaces also take into account sensitive wearers: The places where there may be skin contact are made of cotton. The chain is held with a silver-colored, nickel-free lobster clasp. The diameter of the individual beads varies between 0.8 and 2.2 cm.

Ehmert Design
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Questions and answers about our felt jewelry

People of all countries have been engaged in beautification already 10000 years ago. Beads, shells or snail shells threaded on wool or linen cords found great appeal. We remain true to the theme of natural jewelry and reinterpret the fiber felt in a new and modern way, emphasizing the aesthetic use of this unique, comfortable and skin-friendly material.

Felt is malleable, soft and light. Wool has a life of its own during felting, it creates an exciting relationship until the finished product. After that, felt and also felt beads is very dimensionally stable and durable. Unlike gold, silver or metal jewelry, jewelry made from natural materials such as merino wool, virgin wool, silk and cotton is never cold on the skin and very light. Wool is a renewable resource and does not pollute the environment. Felt is one of the oldest malleable textiles in the world and was used by our ancestors 2500 years ago to make clothing, rugs and objects. Felt is super lightweight, temperature balancing, wonderfully malleable and antistatic. Jewelry made of felt, cotton and silk is unusual, unconventional and has a characteristic charisma that cannot be compared with gold and silver. Felt jewelry is ecological and sustainable and versatile in its application.

Felt jewelry from our workshop is a real eye-catcher. With the color-coordinated felt necklaces you can give an extravagant touch to a plain, monochrome, classic outfit. No matter if it is a simple t-shirt, a sweater or an opulent dress. Tip: If the neckline is already decorated with lace, ruffles, a romantic finishing edge or rhinestones, necklaces should be avoided. Bracelets in that case are a chic addition. Longer necklaces and our hand-felted jewelry fit all necklines such as round neck, V-neck, deep-V, square neck, turtleneck and boat neck.

Beautiful and very harmonious is jewelry in similar or the same colors as your clothing. If you like to wear contrasting colors, we recommend color compositions such as yellow, orange, red, purple and vice versa to garments in cool solid colors such as blue, turquoise, petrol, gray or green. Most of the shades in our collection go well with dark blue, black and white.

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