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Atelier Zitron Filigran 100g

  • Atelier Zitron Filigran 100g
18,50 €
incl. 20% VAT plus shipping and handling
Depending on the delivery address, the VAT and therefore the gross price at checkout may vary.
Dieses Garn ist Oekotex 100 zertifiziert
Base Price 185,00 € / 1 kg
Model: AZ-FI
Manufacturer: Atelier Zitron
ready to ship immediately
Stock: 10 skeins in 4 different colours

Note on color selection:
The large image above shows only one example of a possible color. You can enlarge the small pictures of the available colors below by clicking.
Please select first the desired color and quantity before you put the item in the cart.
To do this, simply enter the desired quantity instead of the 0 for the desired colors and then click on the button "add to cart".
So you can easily in one step several colors at the same time put in the cart.

Available Colors:

  • Atelier Zitron Filigran 100g : 2501 white
    2501 white

    5 available
  • Atelier Zitron Filigran 100g : 2511 black
    2511 black

    3 available
  • Atelier Zitron Filigran 100g : 2515 ink
    2515 ink

    1 available
  • Atelier Zitron Filigran 100g : 2522 toffee
    2522 toffee

    1 available

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