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How to unwind a skein (hank) of yarn

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We offer many yarns which come in skeins (hanks) not in balls.
In order to knit with a hank, you’ll need to unwind it into a ball first.
Contrary to popular belief, making hanks is more expensive for manufacturers than producing balls.
With certain yarns, it is unavoidable, be it for reasons of appearance or for the simple reason of the optimal gentle processing of particularly fine yarns.

Here are some tips how to unwind a skein of yarn.



The hank will look like this. Remove the paper first.


Open the wound hank, it has twice the hank length. The hank is secured with a total of 2 knots.


Here are the 2 knots (red arrow)

Cut and remove the knots, the hank remains unchanged, the original knots are already the thread end or the thread beginning

The beginning / end of the thread can be found by removing the cut knots.

6 :
With a second person it is much easier: So you can unwind the yarn safely and smoothly. No knots guaranteed!
Noone there who can assist you by holding the yarn? Use a chair as in picture 7!

7 :
A back of a chair is fine too. When unwinding, make sure that you unwind the thread easily in rounds. Do not tighten the thread!

Copyright pictures and instructions 2013 by Andrea Ehmert