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WOLLEREI NEWS : 100% Nature : The new Ramie de Luxe by Atelier Zitron

100% Nature : The new Ramie de Luxe by Atelier Zitron

Ramie is the Malay name for a tropical stinging nettle plant without stinging hairs native to East Asia.

Ramie, popularly known as Chinese grass, is a cultivated plant. It is usually propagated by cuttings.

With a life span of 8-10 years, it can be harvested on average three times a year. On the same size cultivated area, the fiber yield is four - to five times that of cotton, and with significantly lower water consumption.

The highest quality genus of this plant is called kenas, and it is used in Atelier Zitron's new Ramie de Luxe.

The ramie used ranges around 20 microns with an almost unbelievable fiber length of 170 - 180 mm.

Ramie is made of pure cellulose, is white and shiny and has a tensile strength like silk. Zitron blends it with Merino Extrafine and that is top class 100% natural.

The yarn remains buttery soft even after many washes and is even suitable as a sock yarn.

A yarn from head to toe in 18 noble colors for sweaters, jackets, accessories, baby clothes, socks, ....

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