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Sesia Iride (GOTS) 125g

  • Sesia Iride (GOTS) 125g
14,80 €
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Base Price 118,40 € / 1 kg
Manufacturer: Sesia
ready to ship immediately
Stock: 49 balls in 6 different colours

Note on color selection:
The large image above shows only one example of a possible color. You can enlarge the small pictures of the available colors below by clicking.
Please select first the desired color and quantity before you put the item in the cart.
To do this, simply enter the desired quantity instead of the 0 for the desired colors and then click on the button "add to cart".
So you can easily in one step several colors at the same time put in the cart.

Available Colors:

  • Sesia Iride (GOTS) 125g : 0960 Pastello
    0960 Pastello

    8 available
  • Sesia Iride (GOTS) 125g : 1575 Acquamarina
    1575 Acquamarina

    16 available
  • Sesia Iride (GOTS) 125g : 2801 Laguna
    2801 Laguna

    3 available
  • Sesia Iride (GOTS) 125g : 3253 Sunset
    3253 Sunset

    8 available
  • Sesia Iride (GOTS) 125g : 4628 Rainbow
    4628 Rainbow

    8 available
  • Sesia Iride (GOTS) 125g : 5314 Natural
    5314 Natural

    6 available

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