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Wollerei yarn characteristics: Cashmere

Since no manufacturer can guarantee us an animal and nature-friendly origin of its cashmere fibres, we no longer offer any yarns with cashmere in our range.
A cashmere goat in Mongolia and China, where 90% of all cashmere comes from, produces only about 30 grams of hair per year. For the production of a single cashmere coat, for example, the hair of at least 6 goats is therefore required.
This leads to much too large herds of goats, which would never exist there without the cashmere industry.
Cashmere goats must consume 10 percent of their body weight in food every day and eat the roots of grasses, which prevents them from growing back. Already, 65 percent of Mongolian grasslands are degraded and 90 percent of Mongolia is at risk of desertification.
There can be no question of a species-appropriate, fair and respectful treatment of the animals, not even a rudimentary one.
Find out more about cashmere and refrain from buying cashmere products. You can find more information about this here

If you are looking for a replacement for cashmere for your knitting project, we recommend the ultra-fine Merino Wool Gesa & Flo from Atelier Zitron.