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Our assortment

We offer only premium hand knitting and crochet yarns made in Europe.
In the Wollerei online store you will find yarns from Atelier Zitron, Gedifra, Sesia, Schachenmayr, Anchor and Austermann.
Our range of high-quality needles and accessories from ChiaoGoo, Knit Pro, Tulip and Prym is very extensive.

Our focus is on yarns that are produced in an environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and resource-saving way. Therefore, we also do not carry any yarns that contain cashmere.
Almost all yarns offered in Wollerei are also certified, whether with Ökotex 100, product class 1 or GOTS.
The individually orderable yarns are in stock with us in the colors and quantities shown and are shipped immediately after receipt of payment.
For each color you can see how many balls are in stock. These are always from the same lot. Only the quantities shown are available for order.

Also with needles and accessories are all shown items in stock.
Therefore, we can usually ship any order the same day or the next business day after receiving payment. We ship worldwide.
Already from 100 euros order value we deliver in Austria free of shipping costs, all details on our info page on shipping costs.

For Amigurumi fans, we have the classic Schachenmayr Catania constantly in all 104 colors in stock.

The entire range available in the online store can also be purchased in our Wollerei showroom in Wiener Neustadt during our opening hours. Or by Click and Collect: you order normally via the online store, choose self-collection as the shipping method and then pick up your order during our opening hours. We look forward to your visit.

Atelier Zitron
GOTS certified yarns
Ehmert Textilkunst

Atelier Zitron

Ökotex 100 certified yarns from Atelier Zitron

Atelier Zitron's yarns are all top quality from Germany.
All yarns are manufactured according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, product class 1
Under strict compliance with German environmental regulations, Atelier Zitron monitors the entire production process from raw yarn purchase to the finished ball of wool. At the highest level, these yarns are produced exclusively for Atelier Zitron.

Atelier Zitron yarns are some of the few yarns that are manufactured entirely in Germany.
Natural fibers, careful treatment of the raw material and environmentally sensitive dyeing ensure that Atelier Zitron yarns meet the highest standards of health and comfort.

• All Zitron yarns are baby-safe.

• All Zitron yarns are guaranteed mulesing free.

• All Zitron yarns are absolute top quality in their segment.

• All Zitron yarns are manufactured to the highest environmental and social standards.


Schachenmayr - quality yarns at attractive prices

Since 1822, Schachenmayr has offered a complete range of quality yarns at attractive prices and charming designs for the whole family.
The traditional brand Schachenmayr is oriented to the zeitgeist of fashion with your trendy yarns and modern appearance.

High quality and easy care
With Schachenmayr you open up a product world that convinces with quality yarns and design expertise:
• Comprehensive, long-standing selection of hand knitting yarns
• High quality and easy care thanks to selected raw materials
• Creative color developments - matched to current fashion trends
• Easy care, as mainly machine washable yarn qualities
• Inspiring designs for fashionable knitting

Some Schachenmayr yarns are certified Ökotex 100 standard, product class 1, a few GOTS certified as well.


Gedifra - Innovative yarns and designs from Tuscany

Gedifra is a well-known brand of hand knitting yarns with a long European history dating back to 1922, producing innovative yarns of exceptional quality from only the best fibers in the world.

Gedifra's love of natural fibers also means staying true to an ethical approach to animals and the environment in all aspects of production, using only fibers from growers who respect animals.

By means of a wide range of yarns and designs that will delight both beginners and experienced knitters, Gedifra also wants to appeal to busy women who have to divide your time between work, travel and family, and yet seek a balance in their hobby.


Sesia - Where fashion is green

For over 60 years, the Italian manufacturer Sesia has been producing its high-quality yarns with a focus on sustainability and consideration for our environment.

• 100% of the processed cotton fibers are BCI certified.
• 100% of the processed viscose fibers are FCI certified.
• 100% of the processed virgin wool is mulesing free and RWS certified.
• All Sesia yarns are Oekotex 100 certified.
• 36% of Sesia yarns are GOTS certified.

Sesia also places special emphasis on water-saving and energy-saving dyeing and recyclable packaging made from recycled material.


Anchor - Premium Crochet Yarns

With over 250 years of experience, Anchor builds on generations of expertise and passion to develop premium yarns for all forms of creative crafts worldwide.

The original promise of strength and quality remains at the forefront of Anchor's brand ideology - combined with a wide range of textures and colors - "As colorful as your imagination."

Crochet yarns are manufactured using the latest technologies and dyeing processes. All cotton yarns are manufactured according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, so Anchor products are free from banned azo dyes and carcinogenic and allergenic dyes.
It is critical to Anchor that the manufacturing techniques they use result in products that cannot be classified as harmful to health. PH levels are tested regularly to ensure that their products do not irritate the skin, and all items are tested for friction, perspiration, saliva, and water fastness to ensure that each color delivery meets global authenticity standards. This makes them ideal for clothing items for babies and toddlers up to the age of 3.

We offer Anchor Crochet Yarns Mercer Crochet and Freccia in the various gauges exclusively in 7901 (bright white) or 0002 (mild white).


Austermann Premium Yarns

In the world of yarns, Austermann is known and appreciated as a brand.
No wonder, because with this brand the main focus is on environmentally conscious quality.
The premium brand belongs to the Schoeller Spinning Group, one of the few suppliers who still produce environmentally conscious, fashionable yarns themselves.
The selection of high-quality raw materials as well as the careful production ensure a noticeable quality advantage, from which every customer benefits.
The handed down knowledge of craftsmanship, the lived tradition as well as the own claim to develop innovative yarns speaks for the exclusive brand.
Through the wide selection of fashionable models and knitting instructions, Austermann also offers customers always new ideas for their hobby and thus ensures joy in knitting with an environmentally conscious conscience.

Based on craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, Austermann produces most of its quality yarns in its own spinning mill.
During the entire production process, attention is paid to the protection of animals, people and the environment. This makes it possible to comply with the strict environmental standards for GOTS certified organic wool yarns.
All yarns produced in the spinning mill can be fully traceable to their origin, all the way to the wool farm.
In the entire collection, attention is paid to the use of harmless raw materials.
Discover these high-quality natural products, whose yarn quality you can feel on your needle.

Ehmert Design

Textile handicraft made in Austria by Ehmert Design

For women who love the precious and extravagant we offer as a special service selected, very popular and precious handicrafts from Austria, already known to many locals and visitors from the annual ART ADVENT in front of the Vienna Karlskirche. All designs and products come exclusively from our workshop in Wiener Neustadt, here they are cut and sewn and stored on the shelves, which are located next to the Wollerei online store.

The assortment includes hand-woven scarves for men and women, most of which are made from certified yarns from Atelier Zitron and Schachenmayr. A rarity are the hand-woven ponchos, decorated with extraordinary handmade details such as handmade glass buttons, spirals, flowers and hand-felted ornaments. Headbands and caps made of GOTS certified organic cotton fleece, wool whale or polar fleece are a highlight and have been appreciated and requested by our customers for decades. Caps made of 100% whale loden with spiral and contrast trim in many current colors accompany your styles in the cooler season.

Expressive, unmistakable caps unique from noble tweed yarn or alpaca are made in pure handmade thereby create the extra portion of individuality for wearers.
Original key rings and cases and also jewelry such as felt chains, cord chains or crochet necklaces enrich the range. All items are in stock and can be shipped within 1 to 3 days.


Premium needles, needle tips, cables and accessories from ChiaoGoo

The philosophy of the American brand ChiaoGoo is to reduce to the essentials - beauty through natural simplicity. Raw materials of the very highest quality are combined with clean and functional design. The result is precisely manufactured and thoughtfully designed products that open up a new dimension of knitting pleasure.

We carry the TWIST RED and SWIV360 series cables and the TWIST RED LACE and SPIN BAMBOO needle tips. And the Fixed RED LACE circular knitting needles. As well as the popular ChiaoGoo sets, the TWIST SHORT COMBO packs, the TWIST X-FLEX BLUE cables and matching ChiaoGoo accessories.

The TWIST RED cables are patented premium cables with a core of several fine thin steel ropes, wrapped in a red nylon layer that allows the yarn to flow perfectly. The new SWIV360 cables combine the flexibility of the patented red TWIST cables with the 360° swivel mechanism of the SPIN cables.
All cables are very flexible and are uncomplicated to twist in and out, without any annoying memory effect.

The TWIST RED LACE needle tips are perfectly balanced and the thickness is permanently lasered on each needle. Uniquely, these tips are also available in thicknesses thinner than 3mm.


Innovation and product quality of KnitPro

KnitPro is constantly investing in research and development, and is dedicated to providing customers with the best product at all times. Special attention is paid to using only the highest quality materials.

We consistently carry the SYMFONIE, GINGER and KARBONZ series in our regular product line. Here we are constantly reordering missing needle sizes
In addition to the well-known plastic ropes, we also carry the new Mindful stainless steel ropes and stainless steel SWIVEL ropes.

No longer in the regular range, we have the series ZING, BAMBOO, CUBICS and SMART STIX. As well as the needle plays 20 cm of the series SYMFONIE and GINGER. You can find these needles reduced by up to 30% in the Wollerei SALE while stocks last.


Tulip Crochet hooks - made in Japan

The premium crochet hooks from Japanese manufacturer Tulip have a comfortable cushioned grip and feature a smooth crochet tip that makes piercing and thread retrieval easy.
The ETIMO Series crochet hooks fit naturally in your hand, are easy to hold, and offer a smooth crochet experience.

The cushioned handle gives your hand a comfortable feel and lets you work with less fatigue.
The shape of the handle makes it possible to guide the crochet hook in both the pencil posture and the knitting needle posture.