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Tulip at Wollerei

made in Japan

Japanese manufacturer Tulip's premium crochet hooks have a comfortable cushioned grip and feature a smooth crochet tip that makes piercing and thread retrieval easy.
The ETIMO series crochet hooks fit naturally in the hand, are easy to hold and provide a smooth crochet experience.

The cushioned handle gives your hand a comfortable feel and lets you work with less fatigue. The shape of the handle makes it possible to guide the crochet hook in both the pencil posture and the knitting needle posture.

We also carry the high quality fixed bamboo circular knitting needles of the KNINA SWIVEL series. The needle design with innovative rotation technology prevents the cable from twisting during knitting. The slight curvature in the rope connection has a very smooth connection. The cable and needle are no longer fixed, so you can freely rotate the needles.