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ChiaoGoo TWIST Needle Tips VERY SHORT 8 cm

The TWIST RED LACE Premium stainless steel interchangeable needle tips can be combined with the patented and high-quality red cables.
However, the co-rotating transparent nylon ropes of the SPIN series can also be used.
These very short tips are 8 cm long.

Each TWIST cable has a small hole in the connector at the end. Here, with the help of the cable wrench, the connection between needle and cable can be tightened or an end stopper can be attached to secure the knitting projects.
The needles are perfectly balanced and the size is permanently lasered on each needle.

The special feature of the very short 8 cm tips is that the thicknesses 2.75, 3.0 and 3.25 mm are equipped with MINI threads
The thicknesses 3.5 to 5 mm of the 8 cm tips are hollow and have a SMALL thread.