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WOLLEREI NEWS : TahitiKAL 2024 : Mauru´uru

TahitiKAL 2024 : Mauru´uru

For the fifth time, Julia-Maria Hegenbart, known as Frau Feinmotorik, is organizing the Tahiti Knit Along.

The #TahitiKAL is a mystery knit-along. This means knitting a previously secret pattern together.
The only thing that is known is what it will be and how much of which wool you need.

The light summery triangular shawl is called "MAURU-URU" in 2024, which means "thank you" in the Tahitian language.
There may be a simple right/left pattern - or perhaps a lot of airy lace.

The shawl is knitted in four sections. All sections build on each other. This means that all patterns and stitches are calculated exactly.
If someone wants to adjust the shawl based on the size, it is recommended that they wait for all four sections to be completed before making their own calculations.

Four balls of Schachenmayr Tahiti are required.
If you prefer to do the whole thing with wool rather than cotton, you can also use Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine 285 Lace instead

The instructions consist of a total of four parts, which will be published step by step on Ravelry:
1st part on 22.03.2024
2nd part on Friday, 05.04.2024
3rd part on Friday, 19.04.2024
4th part on Friday, 03.05.2024
And on 17.05.2024 the finished scarves will be shown in the final

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