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prym.ergonomics Single-pointed knitting needles on SALE

The innovative prym.ergonomics single-pointed knitted needles are a synonym for ease of knitting.
The alabaster white knitting needles are made from high-performance synthetic material and are light and flexible and sit comfortably in the hand.
The drop-shaped points make the single-pointed knitted needles ideal for beginners, since the yarn slides so easily over the points and picking up the yarn becomes extremely easy.
The shaft of the needle is rounded at the front and changes to a triangular cross-section - this allows the stitches to glide freely and easily.
The click heads are brilliantly designed to keep two needles together as a pair on one hand and on the other they serve as stitch stoppers.
The needle gauges are printed centrally on the needles.
All in all: The prym.ergonomics single-pointed knitted needles offer pure knitting joy, even when used over long periods.

Reduced by 50% in the Wollerei SALE while stocks last


High-performance synthetic material 100%
Drop-shaped points for easy picking up of stitches
Stitches glide easily
Specific shaft geometry
High-performance synthetic material
Click heads for cohesion of the knitted article