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addi Sockwonder

A miracle for socks, sleeves, leg and arm warmers, gloves,...
A miracle for everything small
Total length: 25 cm
With a 70-mm lace tip and a 45-mm basic tip, knitting small and delicate pieces is a lot simpler.
Material: Brass white bronzed with two lace tips of different lengths (45 and 70 mm)

The small circular knitting needle is an extra short circular knitting needle especially for knitting socks. - measured from tip to tip a whole 25 cm long. The special feature of the needle: one needle point is 45 mm long, the other 70 mm. The different lengths of the points make it possible to knit small rounds. The short point only holds the needle, the long point knits off the stitches.
Socks can now be knitted completely in rounds without changing needles. alternatively.
This makes the sock wonder idel for socks and cuffs - everything that is neither too large nor too small in diameter.