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WOLLEREI NEWS : addi Sockwonder and CraSyTrio Short

addi Sockwonder and CraSyTrio Short

We have expanded our range of short circular knitting needles:

In addition to the ChiaoGoo Short Combo Packs for screwing, we now also have the Sockenwunder and CraSyTrio Short series from the German manufacturer addi in our range for those who prefer to use fixed solutions.

93% of the products in the entire addi range are manufactured in Germany. This makes addi the only European manufacturer with a full range of knitting and crochet hooks.

addi products are characterized by innovation, maximum reliability and durability.

The small circular knitting needle Sockwonder is an extra short circular knitting needle specially designed for knitting socks - measuring a full 25 cm from tip to tip.

The special feature of the needle: one needle point is 45 mm long, the other 70 mm. The different tip lengths make it possible to knit small rounds. The short tip only holds the needle, the long tip knits the stitches.

Socks can now be knitted completely in rounds without changing needles.
This makes the sockwonder ideal for socks and cuffs - anything that is neither too large nor too small in diameter.

With CraSyTrio, addi revolutionizes knitting in rounds:
With the set of 3 bendable needles, knitting even the smallest diameters is child's play.

This is made possible by the special flexibility of the middle section of the needle, which adapts to every hand.
When knitting in rounds, the stitches are distributed over two needles and the third needle is used for simple knitting - so only two needle changes per round! Individual needles can also be used as cable pattern needles.

Both were developed in cooperation with Sylvie Rasch, who presents the needles in more detail in the video:

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