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Storage and cases

A new, incomparable style for needle cases, smartphone cases, pencil cases and keychains enriches the Wollerei assortment:
Urban, high-fashion style and clean, custom design meets nostalgic elements and is unmatched timeless. Magical moments with sepia-toned handwriting underlaid with tile patterns or gift paper from the previous century.
Materials depicting analog gems like wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, tickets, faded mosaics and wall charts of entymologists conjure up memories of yesteryear.
The used look perfects and enlivens the impression of the used surface.
The cases are produced by Ehmert Design in Wiener Neustadt, Austria and guarantee the highest environmental standards.

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All unique pieces, designs and products from Ehmert Design are, as far as available, made from fabrics and yarns that are produced in an environmentally friendly way, i.e. in a way that conserves resources.
Particular preference is given to raw materials from organic farming (cotton), organic animal husbandry (wool) and recycled materials as well as Lyocell, which can be produced in an environmentally neutral way from renewable raw materials.

The entire Ehmert Design collection is produced in our own workshop in Wiener Neustadt in Austria.