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Schachenmayr Yarns

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in stock
ready to ship in 1 to 3 business days

We stock this yarn in many colors.
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  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 002 ivory
    002 ivory
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 005 sand
    005 sand
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 025 mandarine
    025 mandarine
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 033 coral
    033 coral
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 036 ruby
    036 ruby
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 021 vanille
    021 vanille
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 071 perodot
    071 perodot
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 072 olive
    072 olive
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 070 jade
    070 jade
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 065 crystal
    065 crystal
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 052 ice
    052 ice
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 051 denim
    051 denim
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 047 flieder
    047 flieder
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 090 shale
    090 shale
  • Schachenmayr Journey 50g : 092 slate
    092 slate

Schachenmayr Journey 50g

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3,95 €
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Short Description

Round ribbon yarn in Jersey look

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3,95 €
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  • Model: 9807341
  • Manufacturer: Schachenmayr
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Price per kilogram: 79 Euro

Detailed Description

Round ribbon yarn in Jersey look
Perfect all-season yarn for any project. Journey is the perfect choice to complement the jeans and t-shirt look.
The core consists of fluffed polyamide which gives the yarn its round construction. The outer layer is a blend of cotton and acrylic which gives the yarn its incredible softness. The cotton fiber is dyed, whereas the acrylic component is left white, producing the distinctive mélange effect.
The color palette is ranging from classic t-shirt shades over denim shades to vibrant colors. The round ribbon structure is perfect for graphic patterns. Structural, off- textured stitches and lace patterns accentuate this yarn beautifully.

44% Cotton, 36% Acrylic, 20% Polyamide

Weight & Length:
50 g, ca. 90 m

10 x 10 cm = 17 sts by 25,5 rows

Needle size:
6 - 7 mm

Yarn Requirement:
Approx. 550g for a woman’s size medium long-sleeve sweater

More external information about this product:
The manufacturer Schachenmayr is offering additional information and images about its product Schachenmayr Journey 50g on its own website.
Visit the manufacturer's website for the latest information about this product.

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