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Rowan Yarns

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in stock
ready to ship in 1 to 3 business days

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  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 113 Marsh Orchid
    113 Marsh Orchid
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 106 Bedale
    106 Bedale
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 107 Wolds Poppy
    107 Wolds Poppy
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 108 Hardraw
    108 Hardraw
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 112 Yellowhammer
    112 Yellowhammer
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 111 Gryke
    111 Gryke
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 102 Littondale
    102 Littondale
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 103 Raydale
    103 Raydale
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 109 High Force
    109 High Force
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 110 Janet’s Foss
    110 Janet’s Foss
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 114 Lapwing
    114 Lapwing
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 105 Gordale
    105 Gordale
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 104 Penyghent
    104 Penyghent
  • Rowan Valley Tweed 50g : 101 Malham
    101 Malham

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Rowan Valley Tweed 50g

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Short Description

This yarn is spun and dyed in the heart of Yorkshire, the home of Rowan.

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12,95 €
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  • Model: 9802206
  • Manufacturer: Rowan
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Price per kilogram: 259 Euro

Detailed Description

This yarn is spun and dyed in the heart of Yorkshire, the home of Rowan. Valley Tweed is made by using the spinning method traditional for tweed yarns and is therefore very airy and light and has a long meterage. A subtle colour effect is created by using an additional thread of lambswool.

100% Wool

Weight & Length
50 g, ca. 207 m

10 x 10 cm = 24 sts by 36 rows

Needle Size:
3,25 mm

made in:

More external information about this product:
The manufacturer Rowan is offering additional information and images about its product Rowan Valley Tweed 50g on its own website.
Visit the manufacturer's website for the latest information about this product.

This yarns comes in skeins [more info]

This yarns comes in skeins (hanks), not in balls.
In order to knit with a skein, you’ll need to unwind it into a ball first.
Here are some tips how to unwind a skein of yarn:

How to unwind a skein (hank) of yarn

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