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  • 5 of 5 stars
    5 of 5 stars
    by Isabella Date Added: 01/23/2017
    I knitted with a needle 3,5. Since I knit very loosely, I thought first that I might even knit with needle No. 3. But this yarn is nestled like this, is very soft and keeps a stable shape. The most beautiful thing about knitting was waiting for the colors. What color comes and how does the color mix affect my pattern? It was very exciting and that's what I like :-) The result speaks for itself - the jagged scarf has just become great and I'm asked whether I knitted it myself. That is, You can see that this is no yarn simply off the shelf! For the price of under 12, - Euro simply great. Now that it's so cold, I wear it every day and the scarf likes it too - it does not change shape or color, which simply shows excellent quality. I'm already looking forward to a further color mixing process.