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Atelier Zitron Yarns - made in Germany

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in stock
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We stock this yarn in many colors.
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  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2200 Abendrot
    2200 Abendrot

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2221 Blauer Reiter
    2221 Blauer Reiter

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2223 Bunter Vogel
    2223 Bunter Vogel

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2231 Flamingo
    2231 Flamingo

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2232 stonewashed grey
    2232 stonewashed grey

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2234 stonewashed jeans
    2234 stonewashed jeans

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2240 Rosenrot
    2240 Rosenrot

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2241 Schneewittchen
    2241 Schneewittchen

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2242 Froschkönig
    2242 Froschkönig

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2243 Dornröschen
    2243 Dornröschen

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2244 Rapunzel
    2244 Rapunzel

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2245 Moos
    2245 Moos

  • Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g : 2246 Moor
    2246 Moor

Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g

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14,10 €
incl. 20% VAT
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Short Description

Walking on a cloud...
certified Oeko Tex Standard 100, Product Class 1

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14,10 €
13,40 €

  • Model: AZ-WO
  • Manufacturer: Atelier Zitron
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Price per kilogram: 141 Euro

Detailed Description

Walking on a cloud...
A sock yarn that begs to have more then just socks knit from it. Wolkenspiel is hand-dyed and the colorways are inspired by the sun's parade of lights in the clouds.

80% Pure Wool superwash, 20% Polyamide

Weight & Length
100 g, ca. 400 m

Needle Size:
2,5 - 3 mm

machine wash 40°C

made in:

More external information about this product:
The manufacturer Atelier Zitron is offering additional information and images about its product Atelier Zitron Wolkenspiel 100g on its own website.
Visit the manufacturer's website for the latest information about this product.

This yarns comes in skeins [more info]

This yarns comes in skeins (hanks), not in balls.
In order to knit with a skein, you’ll need to unwind it into a ball first.
Here are some tips how to unwind a skein of yarn:

How to unwind a skein (hank) of yarn

Shade Card / Care / Certificates

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Care instructions



Oeko Tex Standard 100, Product Class 1

Oeko Tex Standard 100, Product Class 1

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