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Wollerei Design Finder: Regia Premium Merino Yak

Regia Premium Merino Yak:
Undyed yak fibres in a natural brown tone create the mélange effect of the colours
Yak with special fiber fineness for pleasantly soft wearing comfort, very warming, robust but still light
Knits like the normal Regia 4-ply

The extraordinary quality and the special material composition make the PREMIUM line unique - noble optics with high wellness factor!
Outstanding properties in terms of wearing comfort, a wide range of colours and elegant structures.
Here you can feel the high quality of the yarns, stitch by stitch. For knitters who love luxurious yarns, this premium quality is an excellent choice - it is perfect for wonderfully fluffy feel-good socks and also invites you to make soft cloths and cuddly accessories.

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