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WOLLEREI NEWS : Organic wool balls as filling material

Organic wool balls as filling material

Filling material for dolls, amigurumis or cushions:

Native virgin sheep's wool is rarely used in Austria these days.
This wonderful natural material with its many good properties is hardly used and is largely disposed of or used as insulation material.

However, virgin sheep's wool is ideal as a filling material when processed into small wool balls. In this form, it is ideal for stuffing pillows (cushions), blankets, cuddly toys or dolls.

The sheep's wool balls as filling material are an organic natural product, free from colorants and fragrances, without any additives or chemicals.

The organic wool balls used as filling material are made from 100% Austrian virgin sheep's wool from healthy living sheep from certified organic animal husbandry (kbT).
The wool is gently washed and processed without the use of chemicals.

For a cushion (pillow) in size 30 x 30 cm you need approx. 100g
For 40 x 40 cm you need approx. 250g
For 40 x 60 cm you need approx. 500g

Care instructions:
The organic wool balls can be washed by hand in lukewarm water and wool detergent - then allow to dry well.
We generally recommend washing wool as rarely as possible and instead letting it air out regularly in the fresh air, as it has a high self-cleaning power this way.

We offer the wool balls in 2 variants

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