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Payment Methods

We currently offer 5 payment methods:

1) Credit Card

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club and Maestro
Credit card payments are processed via the Wirecard gateway. Wirecard processes millions of payments every day, for every type of business: securely and quickly. If you choose credit card payment during checkout you will be directed to the Wirecard ayment page to complete your credit card payment. After the payment is processed you will be redirected to our store again. Using credit card we can process your order faster, as we don' t have to wait for your money order. We neither store nor even know your credit card data and the whole process is of course SSL encrypted.

2) PayPal

PayPal is designed from the ground up to be a safer way to send money online. PayPal doesn’t expose or sell your financial information to merchants. When you use PayPal to pay at www.wollerei.at, you provide only your PayPal email address. We receive your payment from PayPal without ever seeing your financial information.
Using Paypal we can process your order faster, as we don' t have to wait for your money order. When you pay via PayPal we get your payment within seconds.
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3) eps-Überweisung

This payment option is available for customers in Austria only.
eps-Überweisung is the smart and secure online-payment-method of the Austrian banks for shopping in the WWW via your trusted online-banking.
Highest security: The payment takes place in the highly secure and trusted online-banking of your bank.
Protection of your personal data: The order in the web-shop and the actual payment are strictly separated. Your personal data and security credentials are not transmitted or saved separately in any way within the process.
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4) Pay now.

This payment option is available for customers from the following countries: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.
"Pay now." formerly known as SOFORT is the direct payment system provided by Sofort GmbH - in new Klarna design. It allows you to make a wire transfer of the respective amount during the order process using your online banking account - easy, quick and secure – without registration. The online shop can process and deliver your order faster thanks to our real-time transaction notification.
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5) Moneyorder

You do a moneyorder by EU standard bank transfer using our BIC (SWIFT) and IBAN. We will send you our bank details with BIC and IBAN in the confirmation email immediately after your order. You can find our bank details as well here:

Wollerei Bank Accounts

We then wait for your payment and as soon we receive it we process your order.
Please do moneyorders in EURO with BIC and IBAN only. This way neither we nor you have to pay any kind of bank fees. When you are ordering from countries not using the EURO you have to use Credit Card, PayPal or Skrill.

No matter what payment method you choose, due to our high security and privacy standards we can guarantee a secure shopping experience.