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Wrist Warmers

Hand warmers, pulse warmers or arm warmers with an extra thumb in bright colors for indoor and outdoor activities.
Protect and warm the wrist and are versatile.
Ehmert Design hand warmers warm the wrist and pulse, providing warm fingers and comfort in sensitivity or cooler temperatures.
The design on the upper finishing edge makes the hand warmers a useful and very original fashionable accessory.
The arm warmers are made in one size and are stretchable. The length is designed to fit under jacket and coat sleeves and protect against wind and cold at the transition point.

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All unique pieces, designs and products from Ehmert Design are, as far as available, made from fabrics and yarns that are produced in an environmentally friendly way, i.e. in a way that conserves resources.
Particular preference is given to raw materials from organic farming (cotton), organic animal husbandry (wool) and recycled materials as well as Lyocell, which can be produced in an environmentally neutral way from renewable raw materials.

The entire Ehmert Design collection is produced in our own workshop in Wiener Neustadt in Austria.