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Gloves, mittens and 2 in 1 gloves for women and men made of very warm, pure organic cotton fleece in fine melange colors for the cooler season.
Classic, luxurious mittens with distinctive appliqued snake shape and glass button with rubber cuff for better durability on the wrist or 2 in 1 gloves where the cap of the gloves can be unfolded.
The fingers and thumb are free for activities such as walking, sports, eating, drinking, making phone calls and other fine motor activities.
The advantage: the glove does not have to be taken off, the caps are simply folded back and you can reach effortlessly.
Important detail: Since the glove stays on the hand, but the fingers can be used effortlessly, you can not lose it.
The material is very soft, feels like precious high pile velvet and is very warming. The gloves are cut a little longer, so that the wrist is also protected from wind and cold.

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All unique pieces, designs and products from Ehmert Design are, as far as available, made from fabrics and yarns that are produced in an environmentally friendly way, i.e. in a way that conserves resources.
Particular preference is given to raw materials from organic farming (cotton), organic animal husbandry (wool) and recycled materials as well as Lyocell, which can be produced in an environmentally neutral way from renewable raw materials.

The entire Ehmert Design collection is produced in our own workshop in Wiener Neustadt in Austria.