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  • Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g : 104 camel mélange
    104 camel mélange
  • Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g : 139 burgund mélange
    139 burgund mélange
  • Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g : 175 graugrün mélange
    175 graugrün mélange
  • Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g : 191 hellgrau mélange
    191 hellgrau mélange
  • Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g : 398 schwarz jaspé
    398 schwarz jaspé
  • Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g : 249 cassis intense
    249 cassis intense
  • Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g : 448 twilight dégradé
    448 twilight dégradé
  • Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g : 435 berry dégradé
    435 berry dégradé
  • Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g : 499 schwarz dégradé
    499 schwarz dégradé
  • Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g : 545 magenta spot
    545 magenta spot

Schachenmayr Fashion Pieces 30g

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Short Description

This wonderfully lightweight chainette yarn forms the basis for the mix&knit concept.

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3,95 €
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  • Model: 9807358
  • Manufacturer: Schachenmayr
  • Weight: 30 g
  • Price per kilogram: 131,67 Euro

Detailed Description

Fashion Pieces, a wonderfully lightweight chainette yarn, forms the basis for the mix&knit concept. In addition to the high-quality blend of rayon, wool, and nylon, this yarn features a captivating range of colors and five different color effects. These include quite plain mélange and jaspé yarns in subtle shades as well as brighter color gradients. On the other hand, a more lively appearance is created by the spot print yarns and the “intense colors” stand out with their very elegant sheen.

For the intense colours Lyocell is used instead of Viscose

All colors in the palette of the entire range of yarns harmonize extremely well, offering an infinite variety of creative possibilities. As one of the mix&knit collection, Fashion Pieces can be wonderfully combined with other yarns with the same gauge, such as Soft Shimmer, Soft Mix or Merino Extrafine 120. Truly a must-have yarn for creating your own unique look with that special something!

58% Viscose, 34% Wool, 8% Nylon

Weight & Length:
30 g, ca. 102 m

10 x 10 cm = 22 sts by 30 rows

Needle size:
4 mm

Yarn Requirement:
Approx. 390g for a woman’s size medium long-sleeve sweater

Shade Card / Care Instructions

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