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Prym Circular Needles Bamboo on SALE

Packaged in plastic-free FSC-certified paper
This is natural in its purest form! The circular knitting needles made of bamboo are ideal for knitting necklines or sleeves.
The peculiarities of the circular needles are firstly, the burr-free, harmonious surface, on the other hand the extremely smooth transition from the needle to cord - this combination guarantees the smooth sliding of the stitches.
The needle gauge is marked on the needle: In this way the desired needle can be quickly found in the sewing basket.

Reduced by 50% in the Wollerei SALE while stocks last


When things come full circle...
The quality of circular knitting pins can be seen from the flexibility of the perlon cord. On Prym circular knitting pins the cord is snap-proof, flexible and antistatic. The transition from the shaft is completely smooth and elegantly proportioned. The stitches slide so smoothly from shaft to cord and vice versa that you will not want to stop knitting.