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TWIST X-FLEX BLUE cables are the same type of cables as the red Twist Red cables, only more flexible and intended for short needle tips.
They are suitable for short circular knitting needles for socks, sleeves and other projects with small circumference.
The TWIST X-FLEX BLUE cables are only available with thread size SMALL (S) and in the lenghts 5 cm, 13 cm, 15 cm and 20 cm.
So they can be combined only with needle points SMALL (S)

If needle tips of thread size LARGE (L) are to be used, an adapter is required.

The TWIST X-FLEX BLUE ropes are patented premium cables with an even more flexible core than the Twist Red cavles made of several fine thin steel ropes, covered by a blue nylon layer which allows a perfect flow of the yarn.
The cables are very flexible and can be easily twisted in and out, without any annoying memory effect.
No curling or twisting of the ropes is possible

The cable is attached to the needle tips with a fine and stable stainless steel thread.
To ensure the highest strength of the connection, it is tightened with the help of a small hole in the thread and a specially designed cable key.
The cable key is included.

Unlike KnitPro, the length specifications for ChiaoGoo cable refer purely to the cable.