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The TWIST SHORT COMBO Packs each contain two pairs of needle tips of the same gauge in 5 cm and 8 cm lengths, as well as two red or blue plastic-coated steel cables in the lengths 13 cm and 15 cm.
So you can use these to screw together 23 to 31 cm long circular knitting needles.
Ideal for small diameter projects like socks, wrist warmers or sleeves

Sizes 1,5 mm to 3,25 mm have a MINI (M) size thread and come with the red cables.
The sizes 3,5 mm to 5 mm have a thread of the size SMALL (S) and are delivered with the blue X-FLEX cables.

The needle tips are made of solid surgical stainless steel and have a fixing hole so that the cable and tip can be tightened almost seamlessly using the cable wrench.
The exception are the 8 cm tips in 3,5 mm to 5 mm, which are hollow inside.